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Eerkes Architects works to make bonds between people and places they inhabit. We create architecture which acts as a lens to focus our attention on both the subtle and the obvious aspects of the places we love. Through our appreciation our landscapes and communities, we hope to inspire responsible stewardship of them. Our commitment to a collaborative process merges traditional with digital practice, taking the best of both approaches. We place a high value on the personal relationships we build with our clients, collaborators, and in our community.

Les Eerkes

Principal and Founder

Les grew up on Whidbey Island. Immersed in this dramatic landscape, he developed a reverence for nature which he seeks to express in the work of Eerkes Architects. Les was mentored by Jim Olson and Tom Kundig during his 20 year tenure with Olson Kundig Architects. He was a Principal and Lead Designer at Olson Kundig, blending both of his mentors influences into his work. He was an early adopter of Building Information Modeling in the firm, and brings large firm capabilities to his emerging small practice. In 2015, Les founded Eerkes Architects to spend more time with his family and to continue to explore the relationships of art, technology, and nature in design.

Lauren Rist

Project Architect

Lauren Rist joined Eerkes Architects after relocating from New York City where she worked on high-end residential and commercial renovations. Now, she hopes to express her passion for modern, geometric, and parametrically driven architecture here at Eerkes Architects. Once part of a custom furniture shop, Lauren enjoys working with her hands, digital fabrication, and computational geometry. She lives in Seattle with her husband and dog, and seeks challenge and adventure both in her work and fun through hiking, camping, soccer, and music.

Jonathan Thwaites

Project Architect

Born and raised on the East Coast, Jonathan has spent the last 15 years traversing the West Coast having lived, studied, and worked in San Francisco, Eugene, Anchorage, Portland and Bainbridge Island.  He believes that architecture, at its core, is furnishing rooms within the landscape – crafting emotional connections between building and site through keen observation of the land. He is particularly interested in the exploring the edges of a building’s enclosure - how our experience of that boundary can heighten our connection to the places that we live, work and play.

Alan Abdulkader

Alan was born in Kurdistan, teaches art classes, passion it for nice designed books. His interested in architecture that is inspired from ideas and enjoys being part of the Eerkes Architects great architectural projects. Alan spends much of his time with his wife and their two young children.

Lauren Kim

Project Architect

Lauren was born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Intrigued by the dichotomy of the built environment and nature, Lauren pursued architecture in Southern California to explore meaningful and responsible development. Passionate about the profession, Lauren became involved in a number of community foundations and professional organizations. After a variety of projects in San Diego and Los Angeles ranging from custom residential to University housing, Lauren found herself back on an island in the Pacific Northwest, where she lives on Bainbridge with her family and French bulldog. Lauren is licensed in the states of Washington and California.