Eerkes Architects works to make bonds between people and places they inhabit. We create architecture which acts as a lens to focus our attention on both the subtle and the obvious aspects of the places we love. Through our appreciation of landscapes and communities, we hope to inspire responsible stewardship of them. Our commitment to a collaborative process merges traditional with digital practice, taking the best of both approaches. We place a high value on the personal relationships we build with our clients, collaborators, and in our community.
Les Eerkes, AIA
Principal and Founder

Les grew up on Whidbey Island. Immersed in this dramatic landscape, he developed a reverence for nature which he seeks to express in the work of Eerkes Architects. Les was mentored by Jim Olson and Tom Kundig during his 20 year tenure with Olson Kundig Architects. He was a Principal and Lead Designer at Olson Kundig, blending both of his mentors influences into his work. He was an early adopter of Building Information Modeling in the firm, and brings large firm capabilities to his emerging small practice. In 2015, Les founded Eerkes Architects to spend more time with his family and to continue to explore the relationships of art, technology, and nature in design.

Lauren Kim, AIA

Lauren was born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Intrigued by the dichotomy of the built environment and nature, Lauren pursued architecture to explore meaningful and responsible development. After a variety of projects in southern California and the pacific northwest ranging from custom residential to university housing, Lauren returned to Oahu where she lives with her family and French bulldog. Lauren is licensed in the states of Washington and California.

Jonathan Thwaites, AIA

Originally from the East Coast, Jonathan has spent the last 15 years traversing the West Coast from San Francisco to Anchorage. He believes that architecture, at its core, is furnishing rooms within the landscape – crafting emotional connections between building and site through keen observation of the land. He is particularly interested in exploring the edges of a building’s enclosure - how our experience of that boundary can heighten our connection to the places that we live, work and play.

Matias Bervejillo

Matias, born in Paysandu, Uruguay, spent his formative years moving from his native rural landscape to various cities in the US. From his observations of different built landscapes and intrigued by how culture influences material choices and longevity of structures, came a passion towards architecture. He currently lives in Gig Harbor with his family and spends his off time tinkering with his house.

Dave Wong

Dave grew up on the island of Oahu. He believes good, lasting architecture arises from a rich, well-lived life paired with the artful study of living. His memories of home inform his approach to design and pursuit of a simple, everyday beauty. When Dave is not in the office, he enjoys his family and friends, ukulele, and time in the ocean (and barrel).

Libby So
Project Manager

Libby received her Bachelor of Architecture from Auburn University with a thesis at the Rural Studio. She has worked on several projects on the west coast before joining Eerkes Architects. Outside of the office, she is an active member of Space.City, a nonprofit that organizes design-focused events in Seattle. Libby also enjoys sewing, photography, and exploring beaches at low tide.

Ryan Mann
Project Manager

Ryan grew up in the southeast before studying architecture and working professionally on high-end commercial projects in the Northeast. He relocated to Seattle to pursue his passion for residential architecture, incorporating design and sustainability with a connection to nature. When he’s not shaping the built environment, Ryan takes to the skies fueled by his love for flying planes, and explores the Greater Seattle with his Frenchie, Winston.

LT Yoson
Studio Manager

LT, originally from Texas, pursued a career in science, encompassing engineering, biology, and chemistry. Delighted to raise her children on Bainbridge Island, she engaged in the community's public arts and diversity programming. Presently, LT is motivated to pursue meaningful work that aligns with her values while spending weekends volunteering at her neighborhood winery, advocating for local art, and educating on the significance of preserving natural habitats.

Katie Sweeney

Katie grew up on the Kitsap Peninsula, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Pacific Northwest. She stayed local to study architecture in Seattle and developed a passion for bridging elevated architectural design with the rural climate she grew up in. Katie remains a local on the Peninsula where she lives with her husband and two dogs.

Rebecca Caddick

Rebecca’s design journey began in high-rise condo buildings and has since shifted to luxurious hospitality projects. She creates spaces that truly connect with people’s physical and emotional needs. With her duel American and English citizenship, she developed a deep love for travel and cultural exploration. She’s not just a designer; she’s an adventure enthusiast, often seen exploring nature with her Frenchie Winston.