Horseshoe House

Horseshoe House is set in a steep sloped mountain valley where sun and views of snowcapped peaks are elusive. To optimize the views of the mountains and invite light into the home, the living spaces were placed on the second floor on an elevated wood structure. A horseshoe plan was developed creating two private wings connected by a glass-walled Living Room bridging between the halves. The exposed glue lam structural “skeleton” was delivered to the site as a prefabricated kit of parts to assure the highest quality and shortest construction time. The prefabricated approach allowed the contractor to complete the shell before the snow fell, and fit out finishes through the winter. The home also features cast-in-place concrete floors, a cheerful Ferrari Yellow pivoting front door, walnut cabinets and a cast-in-place double sided concrete fireplace. Project designed while Les Eerkes was under the employ of Olson Kundig who is the Designer/Architect of Record.

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Floor Area:
Home 3,590sf, Garage 736sf
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