Sea House

Sea House is built on a narrow waterfront site and is nestled into a rock outcropping. The home's main volume is sited along the east side of the lot, leaving a lush garden courtyard to the west which contains a tranquil reflecting pool. Light and nature are drawn into the farthest reaches of the space and are mirrored by the calm water of the pool into the living spaces that adjoin it. The Living Room forms a gateway between the protected inner courtyard and the panoramic south facing views of the Strait of Georgia. Terraces and paths were painstakingly carved into the granite outcropping juxtaposing orthogonal geometries of the paths, with the sculptural shapes of nature. Project designed while Les Eerkes was under the employ of Olson Kundig who is the Designer/Architect of Record.

7,763 sf
West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Floor Area:
House 3,455 sf, Garage 612 sf
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