Scavenger Studio

Scavenger Studio is a forest retreat for a young activist/artist. The simple design and incorporation of scavenged materials combined to create a light-filled workspace on a young artist’s budget. The studio was conceived as an easily constructed box with bands of windows on three façades; high north windows for indirect light, low east windows for views of Puget Sound, and high south windows to invite in the sun during winter. The floating loft faces south, and overlooks the ruin of her father's studio, a well known Native American artist. The red “spirit” door is counterweighted and drops to naturally ventilate the studio, and to invite visits from her father’s creative spirit. Project designed while Les Eerkes was under the employ of Olson Kundig who is the Designer/Architect of Record.

2 Acres
Grapeview, Washington
Floor Area:
Studio 900 sf
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