Surly Guest

The Surly Guest is an 840 square foot one-bedroom guest house—a companion to the Surly Crab located on the same 10-acre site on the shore of Hood Canal. The Surly Guest occupies the upland forest and fits within the footprint of an abandoned tennis court. As part of the effort to restore the site, the court’s asphalt pavement was removed, and revegetated with a composed garden of sword ferns and native plantings; a ground source heat loop that serves to heat the Surly Crab is located below the newly restored forest floor. The low concrete walls which defined the former tennis court were retained, peeking through as a geometric relic within the forest. Surly Guests can enjoy the tranquil forest scene from firepits, covered terraces, an outdoor shower, or a cedar hot tub.

10 Acres
Seabeck, Washington
Floor Area:
Guest House 840 sf
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